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Our independent third agency is a leading provider of services for the development and integration of e-business for large to medium sized companies. The core competency of the company is in ability to develop, integrate and deliver highly secure and scalable individual applications and solutions in full bandwidth.

Our employees are at the heart of our business. We take care of them. In contrast to many of our competitors, our drivers are all employees by us, not independent subcontractors. This not only allows us to pay for them better and to give them better performance, so we can better control their appearance and training and lead them better. Our customer service staff is the best in the industry. This has led to a remarkably high number of employees who have been working for us for more than ten years, and this in an industry where a “permanent” position is often calculated in months. All this together gives our customers a better service.

We offer our customers flexibility in every respect and always consider all individual wishes.


Our goal is to provide a tailor-made solution for each order, promising the best quality at a fair price. As an established service provider for the worldwide transport of vehicles , we have a global network of specialized partners and many years of experience.


Even high-quality vehicles are in good hands RT Transports with us. We guarantee that your vehicle is in responsible hands with us and safely arrives at its destination. Competence and international service.

We combine size and worldwide presence with flexibility and skill – and use this for companies and their customers. In a nutshell: The “CDS-SERV” that comes from the DNA of our corporate culture: putting the customer first, exceeding expectations, always finding a solution. With more than 300 employees in more than 7 countries and an annualized transaction volume of more than $ 2 billion (2017), it’s a big company – yet we have an entrepreneurial spirit, consistent customer focus and the necessary “bite” at all levels.This DNA has shaped us since 2004. We know how to stay ahead. How to recognize changing customer needs RT Transports at an early stage. How to react to new regulations. How to use new technologies. All these are reasons why our solution portfolio is constantly growing. Always on the move, always in devemelopment.And with the unique support of our owners, we have unparalleled resources in the industry.